Kris Mercer is now predominately an abstract artist most recognised for her vibrant and large fluid acrylic art works, which won her a place in the American Art Awards in 2016. 

She has a passion for painting abstract artworks that can be a riot of vibrant colour or subdued with an undertone of emotion.

The images come from feelings, words, music, a love of the countryside where she lives and the sea.

Born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England, Kris has been developing and exhibiting her artwork since she went to Art College in 1995.

Having spent the years since leaving school at 16 doing various office jobs and renovating houses.

She was in her early 30’s when she finally made it to Art College. 

The two year course was not without its own upheavals but finally saw her leave with a distinction.

She was accepted on a Photography and Fine Art Degree course at Derby University, which she declined.

At that point deciding it would be a great adventure to emigrate to Cyprus, with twin girls in tow.

Returning back to the UK in 2000 with mental health issues (she was later diagnosed with a manic depressive illness) art became a protagonist in the fight for mental wellbeing.

During this period she also took and sold stock photos which were and still are featured in magazines and books, worldwide.

With the support of her daughters she was persuaded to exhibit her work and although at times it hasn’t been easy she has persevered.

Nowadays her time is split between painting in the studio and working on digital paintings, images and ideas taken from her store of over 30,000 photographs.

It is through her love of art and the knowledge that it brings joy to others that has at times been the strength and motivation that keeps her going.

Kris has won awards in both the UK and the USA.


2017 Clairefontaine Award – The Artist Open
2017 The Artist exhibition Award – The Artist Open
2016 Derwent Award  –  The Artist Open
2016 2nd place, Innovative art – American Art Awards 



The Gherkin, London. Hosted by Swiss Re in support of Alzeimers society


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Charlfred Gallery, London
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Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”
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Shortlisted for NOAC

Outside In: Central exhibition at Compton Verney. Artwork featured
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Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”
The Harley Gallery Exhibition, ‘H is for…’,

Shortlisted for and exhibited, Guardian London Lives Competition .   Bankside Gallery